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New Door Installation Services

In every case involving garage door repair, before you embark on any kind of repair, the following questions are important in guiding to the right decision:

  1. Does the repair cost outweigh the cost of new door installation?
  2. What is the real cause of the underlying problem?
  3. Is the repair going to solve the problem permanently?
  4. Is this a recurrent problem?
  5. Are there available resources to sufficiently solve the problem?

If you answer each of the above questions correctly and sincerely, you will in a position to determine whether to go on with the repair or replace the entire door. There are sometimes when new motor installation or repair, or replacement of torsion spring or other repairs will fail to work a clear sign that the garage door is totally damaged and need to be replaced with a stronger and modern door. Kings Park garage door repair offers the best new door installation services in terms of quality, reliability and affordability.

If you want to upgrade your manual garage door at home or commercial garage, contact us and we will send a team of experts your way. Our technicians are experienced in installing any type of garage door and on top of installation they test the door to ensure that it is well balanced. We also offer free maintenance and inspection tips to help you take care of your garage door.

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